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Make Money Come

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Friday, April 26th, 12 p.m. ET

Sunday, April 28th, 12 p.m. ET 

Tuesday, April 30th, 12 p.m. ET

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You know you are here to make an impact by being yourself.

You’re ready for your business (and revenue!) to FLOW.

But something is damming up (fucking up!) your river of success.

Business is a dance of both masculine + feminine energy.

Like your girlfriends encircling you on the dance floor (masculine energy) so you can shake your booty in peace (feminine energy).

That dance circle gives you safety and freedom to get freaky, funny, and go all out. 

You can’t have predictable success in business without honoring both of these energies: masculine structure + protection and feminine wildness + flow.

Money needs structure in place to guide it.

And without you being unapologetically YOU, there is no “there-there” for the structure to support.  

In my FREE 3-day immersion, we’ll explore 3 business energetics to make money come.

This event is for women ready to create a business where they can be themselves and call in money, without worrying everything will fall apart.

As a single mom in New York City, I hit a point where it stopped being cute for my business to make chump change. It started feeling scary. If you’re there, I got you.


Day 1. Bad Bitch with A Heart of Gold-Energy

How to stop your inner good girl from ruining your dreams, business, and bank account

Why getting clear on your business desires draws them to you faster (+ more on how to open the flow)

Why artists, activists, healers, and other good people should love money more than anyone else 

Day 2. Masculine Structure + Feminine Flow  

The art of a crazy easy business set-up that creates the safety and containment for money to flow (even if you’re bureaucratically-challenged, have ADHD, or just hate “logistics”) 

How to own your feminine range (from good girl to naughty slut) to express your whole self so your ideal clients can SEE you

The art of hypno-launching

Day 3. Magnetic Neutrality

Why neutrality is a magnetic state for business (and life)

How to bring your nervous system and mind into neutrality

How to feel the intensity of your desire while staying neutral


Kassi revolutionized my life. Working with her practical spirituality allowed me to accomplish more in 7 weeks than I had been able to in 45 years of therapy. These are powerful tools. She meets people where they are with no-bullshit yet loving advice and helps them get to where they want to go. Becoming part of her community has been so hugely moving to me.

—Eileen, Writer


Miracles and magic really do happen when you work with Kassi! I have better relationships, I have healed and forgiven things that I thought were impossible. I don’t feel ashamed of my past. I help others with my gifts. I can earn a lot of money doing what I love.


a more powerful, more confident (not to mention richer!) woman.

Kassi’s own journey and transformation have been a tremendous inspiration to me. I’ve had the confidence to get two pay raises and the courage to change career tracks as well. I finally, truly believe that I, as a woman, deserve to make a lot of money. I’ve learned to be comfortable with fear — which would always stop me from taking risks in the past.  I met other women like myself—willing to do the work. And I’ll tell you, the work is NOT easy, but if you are ready for it, it will firmly rebirth you into a more powerful, more confident (not to mention richer!) woman.

—Anna, corporate, CHICAGO


Working with Kassi, I tripled my income in 3 months as a result of bringing out badassery. I have learned to take time to feel a feeling when it comes up instead of bottling up and letting it out in the worst possible times, which was affecting every aspect of my life from parenting to business. She has showed me the power of holding onto my faith through times of change and striving, accepting my own desires, and liberating myself from what anybody would think.



Kassi will hold your feet to the fire with so much love and conviction in your powers that you will be thrilled and exhilarated to walk through that fire alongside her. As a result of developing a practical spiritual life—which was totally foreign to me Before Kassi (“B.K.”)—I have strategies to deal with problems and the capacity to dream bigger. Kassi has a singular ability to cut through bullshit—I recommend her to anyone who wants to excavate old baggage and feel the relief of letting that shit go.

—LIZ, Bestselling author, Brooklyn

Kassi unlocked my whole identity and self-worth.

Kassi is a gift, a gem, a wise one. I’d been struggling for three years with feeling like my writing career could very well be over, or be relegated to the realm of a ‘cute hobby’ I do in my spare time. Kassi unlocked my whole identity and self-worth. She transformed my focus and outlook on life.

—Liza Monroy, Author, SANTA CRUZ

The skills Kassi is teaching us are literal magic.

The skills Kassi is teaching us are literal magic. Not a day goes by that I don’t use the tools she taught me, or see the effects of them in my life. If your path has brought you across her, take it as a sign. I’ve seen my life completely change. I stopped taking SSRIs for anxiety. I also ended my Xanax prescription. The ability to walk through life knowing that you have the spiritual tools to handle whatever happens is truly the greatest.


Marianne Williamson

“A paver of the way for a new generation.”


—Marianne Williamson, #1 New York Times bestselling author + 2024 United States Presidential Candidate
Marianne Williamson

About Your Guide,
Kassi Underwood

Kassi Underwood is the facetious, subversive spiritual teacher and founder behind The Practice and Money Metaphysics for Maverick Women ~ and Harvard’s first-ever (sequins-clad) former meditation advisor. She is also an international speaker, the author of the memoir May Cause Love (HarperOne), and host of the podcast Big Energy with Kassi Underwood.

Fifteen years ago, when Kassi was newly sober and severely anxious, a one-minute morning practice became her gateway drug to peace of mind and even trippier experiences of higher consciousness. This gateway, now sanctified as The Morning Practice, eventually led her to attend Harvard Divinity School, where she left a lasting legacy as the inaugural meditation advisor at Harvard Innovation Labs, guiding the community in fear-releasing meditations and dance moves to Prince. It was there that Kassi developed her next step in bringing people to a spiritual higher ground, The Practice, her signature method to transform anxiety and relationship friction into a life of high energy, self-expression, and love.

Since then, Kassi has traveled around the world to share her modern, irreverent twist on ancient spiritual wisdom, providing actionable tools in applying metaphysics to support our full self-expression in all aspects of our lives ~ from sex to money to activism. She’s presented her live events at Soho House, Alice & Olivia, Wanderlust, and many colleges. Iconic spiritual leader and presidential candidate Marianne Williamson calls her “a paver of the way for a new generation.”

In 2017 Kassi penned her first memoir, May Cause Love (HarperOne), a fiercely honest and surprisingly funny testament to spiritual healing after abortion – offering an important voice for reproductive justice that has been amplified by NPR, MSNBC, Women’s Health, The New York Times, in a cover story for New York Magazine, and more.

Kassi is currently host of the podcast, Big Energy with Kassi Underwood, where she shares candid stories and insights about her metaphysical approach to life, and interviews leading disrupters. Her recent podcast series, Big Egg Freeze Energy, followed her experience of freezing her eggs.

Kassi believes the point of spirituality is to be free. Her mission is to equip people with practical tools to make peace with themselves, make more money, and save humanity. She is the proud mother of a six-year-old son named Wallace.