Feminine Energy Finance:
The Metaphysics of Money and Relaxation



Thursday, February 18th, 2021

10 a.m. Los Angeles

12 p.m. Austin

1 p.m. New York

6 p.m. London

5 a.m. Sydney

We’ll cover…

+ how to tap into feminine energy to draw money to you and create the emotional, financial, and creative freedom we all crave

+ why most “manifesting” techniques don’t work (at least not consistently), why we’re exhausted all the time (rich or broke, and mothers especially), and how you were born with everything you need to relax your way to wealth and creativity… as long as you know the right moves.



★ why all women should unapologetically own their desire for money and/or wealth

★ the difference between masculine and feminine energy

★ how most women have been conditioned to harness masculine energy, and how to identify your authentic dominant energy to maximize your bank account

★ the exact tools I use to tap into feminine energy   

★ when tapping into masculine energy behooves you (+ the surprising truth about the energy of giving birth and mothering… this knowledge will ramp up your big money energy 10x)

★ the connection between orgasms, pleasure, and warm hard cash 

★ the missing piece in most manifestation processes and moneymaking endeavors

★ 6 foundational tools you need to master the metaphysics of money, give yourself and your children everything you could possibly desire, and let life be spacious and easy

★ all this, and everything you need to know about my Money Metaphysics For Maverick Mothers program starting later this month (open to all women)


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