Fear-Releasing Process


Ask yourself these questions and write the answer on paper.

Question 1. Why are you afraid to time-bend?

Common answers:

★ Being trapped

★ FOMO / Fear Of Missing Out

★ It’ll be hard

★ Saying no

★ Completing a task and then having to do a bunch of other stuff then getting trapped again

★ Finishing the thing and it not being good enough

Question 2. What’s your bullshit?

Common answers:

★ “I don’t have a choice.”

★ “I can’t handle that.”

★ “It has to be perfect.”

★ “I’m doing my best.” “It has to be perfect.”

★ “It’s my job to manage other people’s emotions and opinions.”

Question 3. What would it look like to walk through your fear with courage?

Just add AND.


  1. You feel trapped AND you realize you can choose a new way to create your time until you feel free.
  2. You complete all your tasks and you get another pile of tasks and you can never fully catch up AND you realize you can choose which tasks you love and delegate the rest, even if you think you can’t. Or choose to find a new job.
  3. It’s hard and miserable and you don’t want to do it AND you do it anyway, finish the task, and decide never to do that again.
  4. Saying no: you disappoint people AND you build the emotional muscle of letting others be upset with you so you can be true to yourself.
  5. You finish the thing, it’s not as good as you want it to be, you put it out into the world, and nobody cares, or people make fun of it or back away slowly AND you realize you were way ahead of your time, and create the next thing…

Question 4. What’s the best-case scenario?

Write your answer on paper. Feel the feelings of the best-case scenario already having happened.