Learn an intelligent, practical process to transform your love and sex life forever.

(Yes, forever.)

I’m Kassi—spiritual teacher, Harvard’s first-ever Meditation Advisor, and author of the bestselling memoir May Cause Love. I’ve taught hundreds of people how to feel peaceful and powerful in relationships.

Kassi will hold your feet to the fire with so much love and conviction in your powers that you will be thrilled and exhilarated to walk through that fire alongside her. Her clear-cut process helped me to unravel and discard limiting narratives about love. As a result of developing a practical spiritual life—which was totally foreign to me Before Kassi (“B.K.”)—I have strategies to deal with problems. I’m now engaged to marry a very awesome partner. I recommend Kassi’s method to anyone who wants to excavate old baggage and feel the relief of letting that shit go.


X “I’ll never find the right person.” 

X “The only people I attract are dicks/needy/narcissists/broke/emotionally unavailable.”

X “Commitment and intimacy freak me out (even though I’m evolved in other areas!).” 

X “I feel trapped in my relationship.”

X “Is something wrong with me?” 

X “Nobody told me the first years of marriage were so hard. Are we going to make it?”

X “My relationship is falling apart.”

X “We keep fighting.” 

X “I feel like I’m going crazy.”

X “I’m afraid my partner will leave, cheat, or die.”

X “I’m scared my partner is actively forcing themselves to stay with me.”

X “I think it’s over, but I’m scared to break up.”

I’ve said every one of those lines at some point in my life.

I also created a practical process to transform my relationship destiny. 

It took a decade of facing my relationship challenges and testing my system.

Through this practical process, I stopped attracting emotionally unavailable, controlling, and otherwise unfortunate partners.

I walked through gigantic relationship fears, like breaking up with partners with whom I had shared a home, pets, and furniture when I knew it was over.

I started magnetizing incredible human beings who were committed to growing together and having a fuck ton of fun, even if we ultimately parted ways.

I stopped accusing my partners of cheating on me, and cheating on my partners (or coming close).

I started trusting myself and my partners.

I stopped feeling anxious and obsessive about the status of the relationship.

I started relaxing into the relationship and contributing to my partners’ happiness.

I destroyed the “traditional wife” paradigm that would have been inauthentic for me.

I designed my own partnership paradigm.

When I wanted to get married, I got married.

To somebody who is insanely perfect for me.

How do these qualities all exist in one person?

It is a mystery.

But creating a romantic life I love is anything but mysterious.

I teach these skills every day.

Here’s what nobody tells you: 80% of love and romance is worked out on the metaphysical plane.

It takes metaphysical tools, tips, processes, and strategies to transform your love life.

You can have them all, right now. 

In Love Sex Wisdom, I will teach you precise metaphysical techniques to create and magnetize your own ideal relationship, authentically.

The entire Love Sex Wisdom process is instantly available when you sign up. 

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MODULE 1: The Future of Love, Sex, and Relationships

Learn the new way to love.

In this module, you will learn: 

  • The old model of love and sex and why it stopped working
  • What causes negative magnetism (when you keep attracting the “wrong people” and difficult relationship dynamics)
  • The true purpose of relationships 
  • Why drama, conflict, and anxiety occur in relationships
  • Why the “crazy love” of early relationships is actually sane, and how to keep it going
  • 3 spiritual principles to guide you through all your relationships 
  • The new relationship model 


MODULE 2: Getting Real To Heal Your Love & Sex Life

Take an honest assessment of yourself.

In this module, you will: 

  • Drill down to the subconscious relationship beliefs that are creating your current relationship dynamics
  • Discover the childhood lessons about relationships that still permeate your current experience
  • Identify your cultural brainwashing around relationships
  • Raise your consciousness about the negative self-talk that holds you back from positive relationship momentum 
  • Start down the path to understanding your true desires


MODULE 3: Relationship Excavation

Fearlessly explore your relationship history–and let that shit go.

In this module, you will: 

  • Chronicle your love and sex history–boldly, shamelessly, courageously
  • Go deep into a process of laser-sharp relationship reflection
  • Pinpoint ways of thinking that no longer serve you

MODULE 4: Relationship Patterns

Stop bringing the past into the future.

In this module, you will: 

  • Decode your negative love patterns
  • Identify the patterns of behavior that prevent you from experiencing romantic joy and freedom
  • Learn the key of releasing old relationship patterns forever


MODULE 5: Healing Wounds & Releasing Rage

Forgiveness offers everything you want in relationships. (Yes, everything.)

In this module, you will: 

  • Learn how the metaphysics of resentment is keeping you stuck 
  • Discover why forgiving the past is an act of power
  • Absorb new teachings on how to stop being a victim 
  • Practice a process for self-forgiveness
  • Answer 3 questions that will help you (actually) forgive others 
  • Discover the mindset shift it takes to feel safe in relationships
  • Take 100% responsibility for your freedom and success in relationships


MODULE 6: Dissolving Relationship Fears 

Fear has no place in the bedroom.

In this module, you will: 

  • Learn the three levels of relationship fear
  • Write a clear inventory of your specific relationship fears 
  • Identify exactly what it looks like when you operate on fear in your love and sex life
  • Unearth your fears at the root
  • Discover a miraculous method to transform your fears into power
  • Experience mindset shifts and disarm your most frightening thoughts
  • Practice meditation techniques to dissolve fear
  • Take practical actions to help you build emotional and spiritual muscles to release fear so you can finally just enjoy relationships
  • Make one easy decision to step over the threshold into true love 


MODULE 7: Undoing Parental Love Patterning  

Stop bringing your parents to bed.

In this module, you will:

  • Learn the science of childhood brain waves (how you were programmed)
  • Identify your particular parental love patterning
  • Discover how your parental love patterning is impacting your love and sex life
  • Practice an effective deprogramming method 
  • Stop projecting your parents onto your partners
  • Cultivate and record a new set of beliefs
  • Program yourself for new experiences in love and sex


MODULE 8: Creating Your Relationship Codes
(& Magnetizing Your New Love!)

Design your new relationship experience.

In this module, you will:

  • Synthesize all that you’ve learned about yourself in sex and and love
  • Bury any old love and sex habits that no longer serve you
  • Be guided to create a new experience with love (whether partnered or single)


MODULE 9: Orgasmic Presence

Be all there during sex.

In this module, you will:

  • Dissolve your sex hangups
  • Get out of your head
  • Generate desire within yourself
  • Feel sexy, peaceful, and powerful
  • Tap into Aphrodite energy
  • Use boundaries to make sex hot


MODULE 10: Solving 7 Common Relationship Frustrations

Navigate nitty gritty relationship issues. 

In this module, we will cover:

  • Healing The Suspicious Mind
  • On Soul Mates + Twin Flames
  • The Emotional Affair
  • Ghosting and Getting Ghosted 
  • Leaving Someone You Love
  • Leaving Someone You Live With
  • How to Let Go 

MODULE 11: Living Your New Paradigm   

Practice a new way to love.

In this module, you will:

  • Learn the final step to stop attracting partners and relationship dynamics that seem to be the same as ever 
  • Transform your reality on the spot (get ready to freak yourself out) 
  • Negotiate a new dynamic if you’re currently in a relationship
  • Use your voice to say things you have never said—powerfully
  • Practice tools for being in a relationship with an unconscious partner


    MODULE 12: Relationship Decisions

    It is safe to make big decisions in your relationship. 

    In this module, you will:

    • Learn the secret to making decisions (Should I stay or go? Stop seeing this person? Remain friends? Tell my partner about XYZ? Should we get married? Divorced? Have a threesome?)
    • Activate your highest gut intuition
    • Follow a step-by-step process for making scary relationship decisions 
    • Follow through on your decisions
    • Fully embrace your revolutionary new relationship paradigm 



    • Weekly video trainings from Kassi
    • Weekly assignments (PDF files)
    • Meditation guidance (including recorded guided meditations you can access 
    anywhere, anytime)
    • Support from like-minded colleagues in Kassi’s Love Sex Wisdom Facebook group



    + Relationship Energetics ($299 value)
    + The First Year of Marriage (candid conversation with Kassi and her husband, Mike) ($99 value)
    + The Spiritual Sex Series:
    • New Mom Sex: an Unshaming ($99 value)
    • Sex After Abortion ($199 value)
    • Sex With an STD ($199 value)
    + The One That Got Away ($249 value)
    + Loving Addicts, Alcoholics, & Other “Project Partners” With Potential ($99 value)

    “Kassi Underwood brings more than just feminine grace to the public square; she also brings grit, fierceness, an uncommon intelligence and spiritual understanding. She is a paver of the way for a new generation.”



    If you need a spark, Kassi is the whole fire. She’s part storyteller, part spiritual teacher, part performance artist, and part something else entirely. She puts a modern (and often funny) twist on ancient spiritual wisdom that disrupts the status quo everywhere from the boardroom to the bedroom.



    Kassi revolutionized my life. Her method allowed me to accomplish more in 7 weeks than I had been able to in 45 years of therapy. The exercises help me to untie the knots, process the aha moments, and restore my equilibrium. They are powerful tools. She meets people where they are with no-bullshit yet loving advice and helps them get to where they want to go. Becoming part of her community was so hugely moving to me. She made me thirsty to find other spiritual feminists.

    Kassi is tough, compassionate, full of wisdom, and made of awesome! I have experienced huge shifts in my relationships. I see everything more clearly now. Anxiety and depression are lifting. I’ve overcome fears. Speaking your truth is a beautiful and scary and freeing thing.

    I would not be who I am or where I am without Kassi’s work. She showed me so many tools that got me through hard moments when I usually would have given up. Working with her allowed me to question myself in a healthy way and to see where I could change things. Some of the techniques she taught me I still use every single day.
    JEN S


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