Ever had a partner who doesn’t want to go to therapy? Ever felt like you were taking on an unfair share of the household management? In today’s episode, Kassi talks to Sarah Jenks about her groundbreaking new couples’ course, The Modern Marriage. Sarah shares about the breakdown of her marriage, how she got her husband to go to therapy and take on inner work for himself, the exact percentage of household management she was shouldering alone (and how you can calculate it for yourself), why women are hardwired to not ask their partners for more, how her husband helped her create an equitable partnership, and how together they revolutionized their marriage, sex life, financial life, and co-parenting journey. This one’s for all the wild women who are into personal development and partnered with epic men who are—as Sarah puts it—”pretending to be normal.”

Check out Sarah’s program, The Modern Marriage, here: https://modernmarriage.us/

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