Thank you for your interest in the role of Staff Spiritual Coach!

Planet Kassi, Inc. is a global company that empowers people to be their wild-ass maverick selves and fully self-expressed in every area of life through edu-tainment, spiritual guidance, community, and live events.

Kassi’s signature programs guide badass humans to walk through fear, practice spiritual tools and quantum growth, and unapologetically express themselves in every area of life. They are looking for support from an emotional, spiritual, and tactical perspective. Our coaches must be very experienced in coaching private clients (or have commensurate experience such as in a trained therapist or counselor role).

The ideal candidate is familiar with, loves, and embodies our mission of full self-expression in every area of life. We are a self-motivated, fun-loving team!

Position Description:
This highly valued team member will have the opportunity to coach 1:1 clients, lead group coaching calls, assist with community management and client care, support at magical live events, and more!

The Ideal Candidate Brings: 

  • Passion for provocative spiritual teachings that brings together sexuality, financial empowerment, progressive activism, mental health, and comedy.
  • Experience as a coach (or a similar position such as counseling) with knowledge of wellness, spirituality, or personal development language.
  • The rigor of a personal daily spiritual practice that includes meditation, deep levels of self-awareness and integrity, deprogramming limiting beliefs or “blocks,” and understanding of spiritual cause and effect. (Essentially, you follow something! A Course in Miracles, the Twelve Steps, Kundalini, Jesus, Buddha, your own heart into rabbit holes of quantum information – whatever works for you!)
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in leading clients to process emotional triggers and increase their confidence.
  • Can clearly convey spiritual tools and concepts (especially the ones that Kassi Underwood teaches through The Practice ~ training will be provided!)
  • Prior knowledge of or eagerness to be trained in The Practice by Kassi to support clients in using this foundational 3-part method to release fear, relationship friction, and limiting beliefs.
  • Great business ideas and nuts + bolts of business-building to support our clients in growing their businesses (with some knowledge of social media, email marketing, sales, creating programs, the arts, publishing, etc – the unique skillset life has given you!)
  • True enjoyment of taking charge of your position, being self-motivated, and working really well with your team members.
  • High-energy excitement about traveling to attend live events where you will totally thrive in a support role.
  • 100% passion about contributing to Kassi Underwood’s mission and brand.
  • Excellence at using technology for documenting client notes and sessions (i.e. making notes during / after a client session).
  • Transparency with our team about sessions and clients.
  • High familiarity with Kassi Underwood program offerings, having closely studied our programs page (

To apply, here are the exact next steps to take:

Please send an email to office [at] kassiunderwood [dot] com with “Your Name, Coach Application” in the subject line and include the following info:

  1. Your cover letter detailing why you are interested in working for Kassi Underwood, what specifically is your coaching (or commensurate) experience, and why you are the ideal candidate for the position, your resume, and available start date.
  2. Please submit a 2-5-minute-long video submission sharing why you would be an incredible coach for our Kassi Underwood programs. Include who you are, why you’re inspired to apply for this position, and what your big career dream is in the next 5-10 years!
  3. A sample of one of your coaching sessions.

Application Deadline: June 25th.


Application Policy & Process:

We will respond to the submissions we believe you are a potential fit! All questions about the details of the position and compensation will be answered after we reach out to you to discuss your submission.

If your submission truly is excellent, please expect to hear from us soon with insight on the next step for our interview process.

We look forward to hearing from you!