One Day to Unleash the True You

1:1 with Kassi Underwood

If you had five hours to blast off in one area of your life, which area would you choose?

I’m Kassi—spiritual teacher, Harvard’s former first-ever Meditation Advisor, and author of May Cause Love. I’ve taught hundreds of revolutionaries how to heal anxiety and be fully self-expressed in money, business, love, and more. There is only ever one problem: we’ve forgotten who we are. And there is only one solution: remembering. Wherever you’re struggling in life right now, the solution is simpler than you think. I’ll teach you spiritual tools and practical actions that you’ll use repeatedly to remember this: the true you is a force of nature who cannot be stopped.

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A Private Spiritual Immersion is a high-powered 5-hour private session, just you and me, to tap you into the tools to express your true potential. By the time we’re done, you’ll be the most you you’ve ever been.

In-person or virtual.



  • 5 deeply guided and transformational hours, just you and me!
  • Prework
  • Assignments to unpack the history and fears blocking you off and lay the foundation for our immersion
  • Supercharged spiritual practices you will use for the rest of your life
  • Surprising assignments during the session that will make you blow your own mind
  • A strategic action plan for your life (that you can’t f*ck up)
  • Bonus video trainings {permanent access}


Option #1: Anxiety + Self-Expression

  • Learn the message your anxiety is trying to tell you (Don’t worry. It’s always good news!)
  • Learn what to do during those “too freaked out to calm down” moments (when meditation isn’t even possible)
  • Learn a tool to release fear (my students call it “magic”)
  • Discover where you are suppressing yourself and what is possible for you
  • Feel like yourself again

Option #2: Money

  • Resolve your inner conflict around money
  • Identify your self-sabotaging financial blind spots
  • Heal financial wounds from the past
  • Learn the relationship between time and money
  • Create metaphysical and practical money habits 
  • Learn two deep tools for financial transformation to expand your earning capacity whether you’re making $2,000, $20,000, $200,000, or $2 million

Option #3: Business

  • Create a vision for the next stage (or even the first stage!) of your business
  • Align your actions, offerings, and energy with your business vision 
  • Identify ways you are sabotaging your business (your blind spots)
  • Implement strategies to stop self-sabotaging and let your business fly higher
  • Close foundational gaps that are creating energetic (and financial) leaks in your business
  • Make quantifiable leaps during our session
  • Learn the exact spiritual tools, practices, and beliefs I use to fully enroll my programs

Option #4: Love + Relationships

  • Heal past relationships
  • Stop bringing your exes and your parents (!) to bed
  • Stay true to yourself 
  • Find peace in your love life
  • Learn the metaphysics of love
  • Express what and who you really want
  • Create new standards and never compromise them 
  • Learn how to “manifest” a new partner or partners

Option #5: Custom

  • All immersions are custom, but this option allows you to request a custom topic (such as a specific familial relationship or friendship you wish to transform).
  • Please email office [at] kassiunderwood [dot] com to inquire about a custom immersion.

Have questions or want to chat about what a Private Spiritual Immersion could do for you?

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“Kassi Underwood brings more than just feminine grace to the public square; she also brings grit, fierceness, an uncommon intelligence and spiritual understanding. She is a paver of the way for a new generation.”




“Kassi will hold your feet to the fire with so much love and conviction in your powers that you will be thrilled and exhilarated to walk through that fire alongside her. Her clear-cut process helped me to unravel and discard limiting narratives about love. As a result of developing a practical spiritual life—which was totally foreign to me Before Kassi (“B.K.”)—I have strategies to deal with problems. I’m now engaged to marry a very awesome partner. I recommend Kassi’s method to anyone who wants to excavate old baggage and feel the relief of letting that shit go.” 

—Elizabeth Greenwood
Bestselling author of Playing Dead, Brookyln

“Prepare to be blown away. I wasn’t sure I needed spiritual guidance at first, but as a result of working with Kassi, I’ve finally regained trust in my intuition. Kassi offers concrete action steps and exercises that automatically make me feel less anxious. I’ve found the energy and guidance to establish boundaries in a tough situation and took a chance on creating my own business.”

—Kelly Fitzgerald Junco
Founder of Sober Señorita, Florida

“The skills Kassi is teaching us are literal magic. Not a day goes by that I don’t utilize the tools she taught me, or see the effects of them in my life. If your path has brought you across her, take it as a sign. I’ve seen my life completely change. I stopped taking SSRIs for anxiety. I also ended my Xanax prescription. The ability to walk through life knowing that you have the spiritual tools to handle whatever happens is truly the greatest and will completely change how you live.”

—Kathryn Stack
Social Worker and Activist, Iowa

“Kassi is tough, compassionate, full of wisdom, and made of awesome! I have experienced huge shifts in my relationships and my professional life. I see everything more clearly now. Anxiety and depression are lifting. I’ve overcome fears. Speaking your truth is a beautiful and scary and freeing thing.”

—Hannah Hammond
Actor and Theatre Professor, North Carolina

“Kassi is a gift, a gem, a wise one. I’d been struggling for three years with feeling like my writing career could very well be over, or be relegated to the realm of a ‘cute hobby’ I do in my spare time. Kassi unlocked my whole identity and self-worth in the first session. Our work revealed much deeper, underlying areas than just my career. She transformed my focus and outlook on life.”

—Liza Monroy
Author of Seeing as Your Shoes Are Soon to Be Set on Fire, The Marriage Act, and Mexican High,
Santa Cruz, California

“I would not be who I am or where I am without Kassi’s work. She showed me so many tools that got me through hard moments when I usually would have given up. Working with her allowed me to question myself in a healthy way and to see where I could change things. Some of the techniques she taught me I still use every single day. I am about to finish 200-hour yoga training and am forever grateful to Kassi.”

—Jen S.
Yoga Instructor, Maryland


Email office [at] kassiunderwood [dot] com