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The Maverick Woman

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Welcome To Planet Full Self-Expression

Do You…

Have an urge to do amazing things (make art, love, more money, a difference), but feel frozen when it comes to following through?

Hide out in fear of how other people would react?

Wish you could openly express yourself, you wouldn’t feel judged, and your life would overflow with money + pleasure + freedom?

I get it!

I felt the same way not long ago.

As an artist, activist, and spiritual teacher, I never made more than $2,400 per month and had anxiety about being judged and misunderstood if I put myself out there.

Receiving a windfall or a “big break” were the only ways I could ever imagine accessing abundant financial flow and making an impact on the world.

So I did a whole lot of waiting and hoping.

I ended up feeling broke, frustrated, and unseen.

It wasn’t until I applied what I knew of metaphysics to money + spirituality + activism that I upgraded my lifestyle exponentially, transformed my relationships, AND made immediate impact, without a call from Oprah, aka winning the professional lottery.

Half a year later, I was attracting more money per month than I used to make in a year (TWELVE X my previous income) and shamelessly showing up and being visible.

Now I wake up each morning to a fulfilling and abundant creative and family life surrounded by a community of compassionate, wise, creative, intelligent, fun-as-hell baddies.

Here’s the thing I want you to understand about what I created: I’m no different than you are.

This genius had not one but TWO ivy league masters degrees (and a book out!) when I hit financial rock bottom… fancy education was not the answer.

I didn’t have extra time (or sleep!) – I did all this with a newborn and mom brain.

I simply learned the spirituality of full self-expression.

So if you feel like you don’t have what it takes, rest assured: you totally do.

All you need to be fully self-expressed + free in every area of life is the one thing I know you’ve got: you.

Once you understand my proven approach to overcome fear and tap into your true self, attracting money, and expressing yourself will feel as natural as breathing.

Marianne Williamson

“Kassi Underwood brings more than just feminine grace to the public square; she also brings grit, fierceness, an uncommon intelligence and spiritual understanding. She is a paver of the way for a new generation.”


Marianne Williamson
Kassi Underwood

I’m Kassi Underwood–Harvard’s former sequins-clad meditation advisor, author, elder millennial divorcee, (sober) alcoholic… and mom! With over a decade OF experience in spiritual guidance and coaching, I believe the purpose of spirituality is to be free: emotionally, financially, and sexually.

I went from $2,400 months to consistent $30,000 months in a year using The Practice, my proven method developed at Harvard Divinity School. I’ve had the honor of supporting thousands in their maverick struggles, SELF-EXPRESSION, RELATIONSHIPS, and adventures on this planet.

Everyone starts somewhere, and wherever you are is perfect to begin this journey.


A 6-MONTH MASTERMIND COMMUNITY to lead you into the world of unlimited  prosperity and full self-expression, arm-in-arm with an adventurous, creative, high-vibe community.

IN THIS PROGRAM, I’ll divulge the secrets of becoming a vibrational match to money and unapologetically sharing, living, and being your truth, without worrying about what other people think.

THE MAVERICK WOMAN is for fun, ambitious, free spirited women ready to jet up to the next level in life. You will turn your magic all the way up and vibrate with the frequency of money and free expression. In addition to regular live coaching calls and virtual community, we’ll meet for a retreat in The South of France in September 2023!




and feel light, fun, + free


without dimming your light or feeling like an actual bitch


doing what you want to do


with the inner strength to withstand backlash


in every area of life with intimacy and warmth


and show up in your life, relationships, and even on social media in all your baddie glory

 Get Excited To Receive:


to meet your goals with step-by-step guidance


to connect with soul mate friends living the same way of life


to change everything forever


Miracles and magic really do happen when you work with Kassi!

Miracles and magic really do happen when you work with Kassi! She will keep you responsible for your dreams and show you the easy way to accomplish everything. I entered The Maverick Woman because for over 10 years I had wanted to create my business. A few months in, I had not only created it, but a lot of things had happened in my life. I have better relationships, I have healed and forgiven things that I thought were impossible. I don’t feel ashamed of my past. I help others with my gifts. I can earn a lot of money doing what I love.

—Irma Lorena, 30

The skills Kassi is teaching us are literal magic.

The skills Kassi is teaching us are literal magic. Not a day goes by that I don’t use the tools she taught me, or see the effects of them in my life. If your path has brought you across her, take it as a sign. I’ve seen my life completely change. I stopped taking SSRIs for anxiety. I also ended my Xanax prescription. The ability to walk through life knowing that you have the spiritual tools to handle whatever happens is truly the greatest.

—Kathryn, 35

I tripled my income in three months.

Working with Kassi, I tripled my income in three months as a result of bringing out badassery and wringing out bullshit through my favorite exercises: fear exercises. Through her teachings, I have learned to stop suppressing my feelings and to let myself feel “unwanted” feeling such as grief. I have learned to take time to feel a feeling when it comes up instead of bottling up and letting it out in the worst possible times, which was affecting every aspect of my life from parenting to business. She has showed me the power of holding onto my faith through times of change and striving, accepting my own desires, and liberating myself from what anybody would think.

—Gigi, 27

The work is NOT easy, but if you are ready for it, it will firmly rebirth you into a more powerful, more confident (not to mention richer!) woman.

I knew working with Kassi would be an awesome experience, but I admit I was nervous to invest in it, emotionally and financially. Even though I’ve known Kassi for 10 years! Yet her own journey and transformation have been a tremendous inspiration to me. Since joining The Maverick Woman, I no longer play small. I’ve had the confidence to get two pay raises and the courage to change career tracks as well. I finally, truly believe that I, as a woman, deserve to make a lot of money. I’ve learned to be comfortable with fear — which would always stop me from taking risks in the past. The Maverick Woman community is amazing. I met other women like myself—willing to do the work. And I’ll tell you, the work is NOT easy, but if you are ready for it, it will firmly rebirth you into a more powerful, more confident (not to mention richer!) woman.

—Anna, 27

I didn’t really believe that I would accomplish anything new during our time together. But I did things that blew my mind.

I hesitated to work with Kassi at first because I wanted to know how I would make good on the financial investment. I didn’t really believe that I would accomplish anything new during our time together. But I did things that blew my mind. I became a published author! It still fills my heart to think about the journey. I contributed an essay to the anthology Wanting: Women Writing About Desire from Penguin Random House. Being published was a lifelong goal of mine. This year has also brought me to a place where I am willing to be a mother and visualize a world of joy, happiness, and richness for us both. Kassi showed me another way to see myself. Learning to respect ourselves (see ourselves in new ways over and over) was one of the most important parts of her teaching.

—Sonia, 31, New York, Performer

Scenes from Previous Retreats

Tulum, February 2022

Maverick Woman Retreat Pic
Maverick Woman Retreat Pic
Maverick Woman Retreat Pic

Photos: Blanc Films

Egypt, September 2022

Sedona 2023 Retreat

Photos: Coucla Refaat

Sedona, February 2023

Sedona 2023 Retreat

Our next retreat is happening in The South of France in September 2023.

Two and a half days in-person with Kassi and your Maverick Woman community!

Sainte-Baume Grotto

Includes a day trip to La Grotte de Sainte-Baume, the cave of Saint Mary Magdalene.

Sainte-Baume Grotto


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Here’s What’s Included:

Your adventure begins with a 6-month cycle, with the option to renew.

★ 12 x 2-hour group coaching sessions with Kassi

★ WhatsApp group

★ 13 Big Money Energy in-depth teachings (instant access)

★ Group call replays

★ Virtual lounge with guided meditations, bonus content, + more

★ 2.5-day in-person retreat 

Plus, You Receive
Instant Access TO THIS CONTENT:

★ Practical Spirituality: 21 Days To Higher Consciousness

★ Forget Your Reputation: Releasing The Fear of What Other People Think

★ The Metaphysics of Money

★ Bad Bitch Energy: 5 Days of Money Metaphysics + Full Self-Expression

★ Love Sex Wisdom: Transform Your Experience of Relationships in 12 Weeks

★ Unedited and uncut interviews with leading experts on branding, publishing, and more

★ How To Create An Opt-In They Can’t Refuse

★ How To Create An Offer They Can’t Refuse

★ Maverick Business Maven library with all details about how Kassi runs business from the backend


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If You’re Starting to Feel Like I’m Your Soul Mentor…

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The Investment


$1100 per month (6 payments)
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★ 1 x 1:1 call with Kassi per month (6 total)

★ Private Voxer with Kassi (texts and voice notes)

$2500 per month (6 payments)
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Or you can go back to…

★ Waking up depressed

★ Feeling alone and anxious

★ Not making the money or difference you want

★ Feeling dissatisfied in relationships in your life

★ Knowing you need to do something but not doing it

★ Lacking purpose and direction

★ “Wishing” and “hoping” your dreams will get off the ground

It’s definitely an option to let another year pass without meeting your goals and think others were born with something special that makes them confident, abundant, and free.

Maybe you think the only reason I could do it is because I have a few fancy credentials, but remember: I’m no more special than you are!

I went hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for those “credentials” — the opposite of financial prosperity or true self-expression.

I simply learned the skills and practices that I teach my Maverick Women. That’s when my income skyrocketed 12 x my previous income in 6 months, I stopped trying to impress people I don’t even know, and unleashed my love on the world.

Imagine when you can:

★ Feel confident, alive, + free

★ Wake up with clarity + drive

★ Make whatever amount of money you desire for whatever you want to do

★ Have wise and supportive soulmate friendships

★ Communicate powerfully

★ Heal relationships

★ Trip out on your spiritual experience

★ Create a life beyond your wildest dreams

★ Gather with this super-connected crew in The South of France, knowing you’re bringing in money from places you never expected and finally expressing yourself

P.S. The Maverick Woman: Bring Your Financial Dreams + Full Self-Expression To Life, is my inclusive community devoted to creating their own rules in life on their own spiritual journey to unapologetically experience the flow of money and full self-expression. Sing up by by April 28th to receive A Bonus Training: How To Start A Podcast