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 Do you feel brain-fried and bone tired?

Do you always need more time than you’ve got?

Is the last person on your list *you*?

Does something or someone steal your time, leaving you depleted and overwhelmed?

Want to feel accomplished, rested, and rich in time while still saying YES to a big juicy life of your own design? 

(As an entrepreneur, creative, and single mom, I really do get the struggle.)

Time is a luxury.

It’s the most valuable resource we have.

It is not renewable.

Once it’s gone, we can’t get it back.

And I, for one, don’t want to cherish the opportunities, shenanigans, trips, creative projects, nights out, and relationships I missed out on because I was “exhausted” and “didn’t have time.”

No, thank you!

I am here to relish every millisecond of this juicy, sexy, weird, grief-laden, painful, amazing, hilarious, absurd adventure we call life.

Are you with me?

According to A Course in Miracles, time is also a “teaching device.”

That means once we learn how to use time properly, we have learned the lesson and it’s no longer a struggle.

In order to use time properly, you need to understand how to work with the energy of time.

The patriarchal forces on this planet want us to feel that time is scarce and impossible for a woman to manage.

I am here to tell you, being rested and time-rich is not that complicated.

In this one-hour training, you will LEARN:

  • 5 core fears that keep you trapped in time scarcity 
  • how one minute will change your life
  • the only word you need to triple your available time
  • to become a time-bender (just as cool as it sounds)

I can’t wait to BEND TIME WITH YOU.

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About Your Guide,
Kassi Underwood

Kassi Underwood is the facetious, subversive spiritual teacher and founder behind The Practice, and The Maverick Woman – and Harvard’s first-ever (sequins-clad) former meditation advisor. She is also an internationally-renowned speaker, the author of the memoir May Cause Love (HarperOne), and host of the podcast Big Energy with Kassi Underwood.

Fifteen years ago, when Kassi was newly sober, severely anxious, and depressed, a one-minute morning practice became her gateway drug to peace of mind and even trippier experiences of higher consciousness. This gateway, now sanctified as The Morning Practice, eventually led her to attend Harvard Divinity School, where she left a lasting legacy as the inaugural meditation advisor at Harvard Innovation Labs, guiding the community in fear-releasing meditations and dance moves to Prince. It was there that Kassi developed her next step in bringing people to a spiritual higher ground, The Practice, her signature method to transform anxiety and relationship friction into a life of high energy, self-expression, and love.

Since then, Kassi has traveled around the world to share her modern, irreverent twist on ancient spiritual wisdom, providing actionable tools in applying metaphysics to support our full self-expression in all aspects of our lives – from sex to money to activism. Iconic spiritual leader and presidential candidate Marianne Williamson calls her “a paver of the way for a new generation.”

In 2017 Kassi penned her first memoir, May Cause Love (HarperOne), a fiercely honest and surprisingly funny testament to spiritual healing after abortion – offering an important voice for reproductive justice that has been amplified by NPR, MSNBC, Women’s Health, The New York Times, and more.

Kassi is currently host of the podcast, Big Energy with Kassi Underwood, where she shares candid stories and insights about her metaphysical approach to life, and interviews leading disrupters. Her recent podcast series, Big Egg Freeze Energy, followed her experience of freezing her eggs. 

In addition to working with private clients, Kassi offers group hands-on guidance in her virtual program The Maverick Woman: Bring Your Financial Dreams + Self Expression To Life

Kassi believes the point of spirituality is to be free. Her mission is to equip people with practical tools to make peace with themselves, make more money, and save humanity.