To the ones who are here to make a difference, to shake up the status quo,

To the ones ready to lean into the fear and feel the power,

To the ones who want in on the secrets of how the world works,

I’m patting the seat next to me.

Welcome to the fold.

1:1 sessions with kassi

Are you living the life you had envisioned for yourself?

Or are you stuck in a cycle of the same situations and feelings, drained of your magic?

Are you ready for your come-to-Jesus moment without the Jesus?

I’m Kassi, sequins-clad spiritual teacher, meditation guide, business mentor, and bestselling author.

Over a decade ago, I cracked open the secrets to the universe, and I’ve spent 13 years catapulting people down their spiritual paths. Now it’s your turn.

Your Instagram feed is saturated with superficial spirituality and cookie-cutter coaching courses. I get it. But I’ve been doing this before Instagram was invented. I trained at Harvard Divinity School, wrote a bestselling memoir about my spiritual misadventures, became Harvard’s first meditation advisor, and I’ve guided countless people through the crap that’s clogging their power.

I’m promising you practical skills, secret teachings, and results of epic proportions.

When you’re with me, the truth behind the universe is anything but mysterious. It’s big. It’s bright. It’s waiting for you to collect on the miracles that are your birthright.

Whatever the reason you’ve landed here, there is only ever one problem, and only ever one solution.

And babe, does that solution deliver.

You can have:

★ A deeper connection with yourself and others

★ Confidence

★ Clarity

★ Energy

★ Vibrational ease

★ Money

★ Love

★ Sex

★Intuition and inner guidance

★ Amplified social activism

★ Business success 

I like my spirituality with a large serving of practical action. Which means you show up and we do the work.

My intuition makes it easy to drill down to your subconscious level. When you’re estranged from your inner voice, I hear your gut loud and clear.

I hand you the map to a treasure trove of knowledge: exercises to untie the knots, strategies to overhaul your mindset, and tools to restore your power. It’s a step-by-step approach to spirituality. No glib promises, no pandering, just concrete, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin magic.

But here’s the thing about magic. Getting to that life you envisioned for yourself takes inner work and outward action. Most people get stuck either sitting on their ass trying to “manifest,” or pushing super hard without tapping into their power. You need both. I do both.

I combine my spiritual teaching with practical coaching, drawing on my well of knowledge to offer tangible skills in a variety of fields.

And then comes the fun part. We strategize, manifest, and create miracles.

When you’ve excavated old belief systems and decoded the patterns that weren’t serving you, it’s easy to embrace the capacity to wonder. You’ll vision and dream so far past the monotony of your old day-to-day that you’ll feel literally invincible. Nothing will be out of your power to design your own paradise. 

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“Kassi will hold your feet to the fire with so much love and conviction in your powers that you will be thrilled and exhilarated to walk through that fire alongside her. As a result of developing a practical spiritual life—which was totally foreign to me Before Kassi (“B.K.”)—I have strategies to deal with problems and the capacity to dream bigger. Kassi has a singular ability to cut through bullshit—I recommend her to anyone who wants to excavate old baggage and feel the relief of letting that shit go.” 

—Elizabeth Greenwood
Bestselling author of Playing Dead, Brooklyn

“Prepare to be blown away. I wasn’t sure I needed spiritual guidance at first, but as a result of working with Kassi, I’ve finally regained trust in my intuition. Kassi offers concrete action steps and exercises that automatically make me feel less anxious. I’ve found the energy and guidance to establish boundaries in a tough situation and took a chance on creating my own business.”

—Kelly Fitzgerald Junco
Founder of Sober Señorita, Florida

“The skills Kassi is teaching us are literal magic. Not a day goes by that I don’t utilize the tools she taught me, or see the effects of them in my life. If your path has brought you across her, take it as a sign. I’ve seen my life completely change. I stopped taking SSRIs for anxiety. I also ended my Xanax prescription. The ability to walk through life knowing that you have the spiritual tools to handle whatever happens is truly the greatest and will completely change how you live.”

—Kathryn Stack
Social Worker and Activist, Iowa

“Kassi is tough, compassionate, full of wisdom, and made of awesome! I have experienced huge shifts in my relationships and my professional life. I see everything more clearly now. Anxiety and depression are lifting. I’ve overcome fears. Speaking your truth is a beautiful and scary and freeing thing.”

—Hannah Hammond
Actor and Theatre Professor, North Carolina

“Kassi revolutionized my life. Sessions with her allowed me to accomplish more in 7 weeks than I had been able to in 45 years of therapy. The exercises help me to untie the knots, process the aha moments, and restore my equilibrium. They are powerful tools. She meets people where they are with no-bullshit yet loving advice and helps them get to where they want to go. Becoming part of her community was so hugely moving to me. She made me thirsty to find other spiritual feminists.”

—Eileen Drennen
Writer and Editor, Indiana

“Kassi is a gift, a gem, a wise one. I’d been struggling for three years with feeling like my writing career could very well be over, or be relegated to the realm of a ‘cute hobby’ I do in my spare time. Kassi unlocked my whole identity and self-worth in the first session. Our work revealed much deeper, underlying areas than just my career. She transformed my focus and outlook on life.”

—Liza Monroy
Author of Seeing as Your Shoes Are Soon to Be Set on Fire, The Marriage Act, and Mexican High,
Santa Cruz, California

“I would not be who I am or where I am without Kassi’s work. She showed me so many tools that got me through hard moments when I usually would have given up. Working with her allowed me to question myself in a healthy way and to see where I could change things. Some of the techniques she taught me I still use every single day. I am about to finish 200-hour yoga training and am forever grateful to Kassi.”

—Jen S.
Yoga Instructor, Maryland

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